Travel videos

Bali & Philippines

In november 2018 i traveled to Bali and the Philippines for two monts, this is a visual recap of the experiences.

New Zealand

In February 2019 I went on another 7 week trip to the South Island of New Zealand. We lived out in the backcountry in the search of big brown trouts. It was a fly fishing roadtrip.

Summer 2017

This is a video from my home island Bornholm. It shows the nature, my experiences and the atmosphere throughout the summer.

Lofoten 2017

In the beginning of the summer 2017 me and my family went on a family roadtrip from Bornholm to Lofoten in northern Norway. After driving 2500 km in 3 days we finally arrived. We rented a house and a boat just by the fjord and spend the time fishing, exploring and whalewhachting.

Bornholm 2017

In January 2017 I got my first drone. Full of excitement I wanted to make a video with it. Over the last years we had a friend from germany visiting every winter. As every year we went fishing together, this time I just captured our experiences. 

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