Event videos


Wonderfestiwall is a danish music festival which takes place on the island Bornholm every august. Last year i made this aftermovie.


This video shows a workshop in Germany.

Horbach x Udo Schroeter 

This is a video of a workshop that took place on Bornholm in October 2019.

Narrenzunft 2018

Narrenzunft is a big German carnival tradition which takes place all over germany. This video shows the narrenzunft in Gengenbach. A little town in the southern parts of germany.


This video shows the yearly company event where all of the employees meet to celebrate a succesfull year.

Menschenkenner Mehrwerttag 

This is a event taking place in Hamburg, Germany each year.

Each Year the team and the guests discuss a topic that touches all of us, both personally and in our daily working. This year it was the fear of failure.

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